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Broadway Hope  exists to share the love of God through outdoor adventure experiences in a nature field environment for individuals, families and

organizations from WNY and beyond.

Broadway Hope


Broadway Hope’s vision is to provide hope, love and encouragement from the Lord Jesus to the children of Western New York; and to show each child how to find a personal relationship with God, through Christ.


Broadway Hope was created to provide children with love, hope, and encouragement through interaction with a natural “gadget free” environment. We create partnerships with local agencies, community groups, and other organizations to provide a positive outlet for youth. 


Broadway Hope welcomes individuals, families, groups and organizations for Day Outings, Overnight Camp Outs, Family Activities and Team Building Training.

Broadway Hope is a nonprofit organization that seeks to primarily serve underprivileged youth in the Western New York by providing facilities and programming that allow children to experience nature and be encouraged with a message of love and hope. We are open to other organizations as well that would like to utilize the facilities of Broadway Hope for their own programming needs.

Settled on 19 acres in Lancaster, New York, less than 10 miles from downtown Buffalo, Broadway Hope boasts a five-acre, multi-use  field, a creek, a picnic grove, a low ropes course, an obstacle course, a 105 seat outdoor theater  and casual trails through beautiful forested countryside.

Currently used as a day outing facility for various groups and overnights for many groups such as Boy Scouts, youth groups, etc..., Broadway Hope plans to expand their offerings in the next 18 months to meet the needs of a greater portion of the community. Future projects hinge on the building of a pavilion, bathroom facilities, and the construction of a footbridge across the creek on the property.

Broadway Hope will continue to form partnerships with community groups and schools in the city of Buffalo to provide an outdoor outlet for youth and collaborate with other youth and family-centered organizations to be a catalyst of positive change in the region.

Broadway Hope plans to engage with youth on both an individual and familial level. Life skill building and socio-emotional skill building activities are proven to increase academic success and overall development of young people. Broadway Hope’s future facility will provide the space for a day camp, leadership training camp, nature exploration, and outings designed to create opportunities for caregivers to connect with their child in a memorable way.  Family engagement is directly related to a range of benefits for youth, including improved school readiness, better social skills and behaviors, and greater likelihood of high school graduation. 

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