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Our Story

Broadway Hope  exists to share the love of God through an outdoor adventure experiences in an nature field environment for individuals, families and organizations from WNY and beyond.


Founders Scott Steger and his wife Becky were motivated by their faith in Jesus Christ to provide a place where youth and others could enjoy nature and its Creator…

They believe God has been working from the beginning. Broadway Hope was established as a nonprofit in 2009. Since then Scott, Becky, and many volunteers have hosted day outings and overnights for community groups, local churches, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and other groups and organizations.

Advisors and board members continue to build the infrastructure of the organization and create more opportunities to serve people.

The Broadway Hope Story

By inspiration of God, Broadway Hope was a vision given to Scott and Becky Steger in the summer of 2002.  Though the vision of a Christian camp was originally given in the summer of 2000 when an old farmhouse on two acres of land on a road called Pine Ridge in the town of Cheektowaga went up for sale.  Upon seeing the house for sale, Scott and Becky felt God was calling them to purchase this home and property and to use it for ministry.


They would bring kids in from the surrounding areas and with the help of volunteers they would share the love of Jesus through a variety of activities, special events and picnics.  Scott and Becky met with the owners as well as having people who were well involved in ministry come to see the house, to share wisdom and to pray with them.  The name that God gave to this vision was called Pine Ridge Hope.  Over time they sought information and guidance as to how to start a non-for-profit ministry.  Their desire was to be pleasing and obedient to God and His calling.


On August 5th of 2000 Scott and Becky got engaged and five months later on January 6th they were married.  Upon this day they moved into an apartment that was attached to an old farmhouse built in 1800. This old home sits on nineteen acres of land on a road called Broadway in Lancaster NY.  A few months later, in the spring of 2001 they were informed that the old house on Pine Ridge Road sold.  They were at peace and were not discouraged but believed that it was God’s will.

Over a year later in the summer of 2002 Scott and Becky found out that they would have the opportunity to purchase the home that they lived in.  After praying for five days they received word to purchase the home and the land and to use it for ministry.  The name that God gave to this vision is Broadway Hope.  

Over time Scott and Becky realized that God used Pine Ridge Hope, two acres of land to prepare their hearts for something so much greater, Broadway Hope, nineteen acres of land.  They believe that God has prepared this beautiful land for the purpose of His glory and for the salvation of young people from Western NY and beyond.

The journey has been an awesome and humbling experience and has touched many lives.  To God be the praise, the honor, and the glory forever and ever.  Amen.

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